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Canadian Beeseal Leather and Wood Conditioner

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Beeseal is a heavy-duty conditioner that cleans, hydrates and preserves leather and wood.

Proudly Canadian and natural product, it can be applied to clothing, shoes, furniture, horse hooves, equestrian equipment, leather seats, etc.

100% Natural Ingredients!

Beeseal does not use any product derived from petroleum or animal fat. All the ingredients that make up Beeseal are 100% natural and from Canadian plant sources. Why ? Because we believe that any leather conditioner should only contain ingredients that are good enough to be applied to the skin, period.

Top quality ingredients.
- Beeswax: waterproofing, rust removal, wood and leather conditioning.
- Olive, canola and coconut oils: rehydrating, revitalizing and softening.
- Vitamin E: brings shine to wood and leather.
- Lemongrass and tea tree oils: deodorization and cleansing, offers a soothing scent.